Floor Stripping and Refinishing


Stripping and Waxing, Buffing, Scrubbing, and Floor Refinishing

When Can ServiceMaster Clean My Commercial Space?

Because most commercial facilities are used during the day, ServiceMaster is available on evenings and weekends. We can strip and wax floors and have them dry before employees arrive the next working day.  We have state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Commercial Floors

Floors make an impression on your customers, employees, visitors, and partners. Worn tiles, uneven wax, and stains send a message that your business cannot afford to make. A sparkling floor can help make almost any facility look new and well-maintained.

Replacing Commercial Floors

Replacing flooring can become extremely expensive and will disrupt your company’s operations. Before your VCT or commercial tile becomes damaged, call for a free estimate. We also have monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual pricing plans that cut down on costs and ensure a well-maintained floor.

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