Janitorial Services

Maintain a first-class image and a germ-free environment. Experience SevericeMaster clean!

Carpet Cleaning

Step up to carpets that are spotless, longer lasting and looking their absolute best. We know clean and it shows!

Upholstery Cleaning

We take meticulous care in the cleaning of your valued upholstery and fabrics.

Fabric /Carpet Protector

Protect your Cleaning Investment. Add Fabric and Carpet Protection to your cleaning solution. Your Company will glow!

Spot Removal

The worst thing you can do to try to remove a spot is to rub it. Our technicians will use their expertise to determine what type of spot it is, treat it and then extract it.

Hard Surface Floors

The four primary benefits of maintaining your floors are: Appearance, Health, Safety, Life cycle.

Healthcare Cleaning

Healthcare facilities require greater comprehensive knowledge of strict regulations for commercial cleaning than any other janitorial service.

Post Construction Clean-up

When your construction is completed and all the debris is removed, our team of experts will clean and prepare your new space.

Floor Stripping & Refinishing

We have years of experience caring for commercial floors. From stripping and waxing, to buffing and polishing, we’ve cleaned virtually every type of floor.

Concrete Flooring

There are different methods to cleaning concrete floors. We can make them look like new!

Marble & Terrazzo

Our focus is to restore and/or bring out the natural beauty of these lifetime floor and wall surfaces.

Specialty Cleaning

We offer several different types of specialty cleaning, from floors to walls to windows to ceilings.

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