Hard Surface Floors


Floor maintenance is one of the most important services performed in your company because the results are very visible. A well-maintained floor creates a positive impression on the people who use the building, both employees and customers.

There is a wide variety of hard surface floors and it is important to use the right procedure on each type of flooring. Using the correct maintenance procedure on a floor will give good results. Using incorrect products or procedures can not only give poor results, but may also damage the floor.


  • Provide a high level of appearance – A clean floor produces a high level of appearance that not only projects a clean healthy image – it is healthy.
  • Provide a clean healthy environment – A clean floor contributes to a healthy indoor environment. Soiled floors reduce indoor air quality. Many contaminates found on floor surfaces include substances that are either food sources for microorganisms, molds, mildew, fungi and bacteria to live off of or are other substances that cause and create indoor pollutants.
  • Provide safe environment – Soiled floors are actually more slippery than clean floors. Dry loose soil can cause a roller blade effect that reduces traction and increases the chances of a slip/fall accident. Today’s floor finishes must meet slip resistant standards as established by OSHA. A James Meter is used to test the slipperiness of a floor (particularly ones coated with a floor finish). This tool is designed to measure the SCOF (static coefficient of friction) that measures the slipperiness. By using these machines experts are able to prove that soiled floors are actually slipperier than clean floors.
  • Prolong the life of the floor – A hard surface floor that is properly taken care of will last a very long time. Therefore it is in the property owner’s best interest to protect their floor covering investment. Poor maintenance can damage the floor and reduce its life. Dull worn floors full of scratches and scuffs, as well as floors that exhibit color loss, are examples of floors that have not been properly taken care of. The cost of replacing a floor covering goes far beyond the cost of the floor itself. There is the cost of removing the old floor and installing the new floor.  Not to mention the cost associated with the floor/area being out of service during the rehab.
  • Boost moral and increase productivity – Clean floors also increase self esteem, prestige and pride in ownership. In commercial environments a clean appearance also boosts employee morale, increases productivity and helps contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Studies have clearly shown that a clean healthy environment can actually increase a company’s profitability. One of the most visible areas and the one most people use to judge the organization is the floor covering.
  • Easier daily maintenance – There are two types of cleaning. Catch-up and keep up. It is a lot easier and less expensive to keep floors clean than to let them deteriorate to the point of catch-up cleaning, i.e. restoration cleaning.
  • Cost controls – It is easier to budget for a monthly program than it is to come up with the money to perform a restorative cleaning that has not been planned or budgeted for. A well maintained floor will last longer delaying the overall replacement cost.
  • Help contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization – A clean healthy indoor environment boosts employee morale, increases
    productivity and reduces absenteeism and turnover. Employee morale
    contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization.
  • Pride and satisfaction – For both the employer and the employees, there is a great pride and satisfaction in transforming a soiled floor into a floor that has a fresh, clean appearance (and in the case of floors coated with a floor finish, a brilliant shine). Often time’s customers gauge the cleanliness of the facility by the floor appearance. A customers perception of clean is often “Shiny = clean”.

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